Sheeting will be removed

Albion Court Flats, Halifax.
Albion Court Flats, Halifax.

Plastic sheeting surrounding two blocks of flats in Halifax will be removed shortly, according to Pennine Housing 2000.

Repair works at the St James and Albion Court blocks started in February, and is expected to continue until September.

As a result, plastic covering has been placed around the buildings to prevent debris spilling out onto the streets below.

Residents have complained the sheeting has left them feeling like prisoners in their homes as they get no natural light through their windows and their electricity bills have shot up as a result of constantly having their lights on.

One resident said they had been threatened with eviction if they go out onto their balconies, while another said the noise from the repair work meant she could not hear her music even with her windows closed.

Janette Pearce, Head of Pennine Housing 2000, said: “The structural work we are carrying out is vital, but we can empathise that it will have led to some inconvenience to tenants.

“This is why we are meeting with tenants on a weekly basis to address any ongoing concerns or issues.

“We have also given them timescales as to when the sheeting will come down and we’re happy to say this process will start very shortly.

“We will also be working with any tenants who have suffered any financial hardship as a result of these works, and this will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

“The safety measures are designed to protect residents’ homes and wellbeing and the wider public in the locality from being effected by dust and debris from the process.”