The next Mayor of Calderdale and deputy have been revealed

The former Mayor of Calderdale Marcus Thompson
The former Mayor of Calderdale Marcus Thompson

Calderdale’s next civic heads are set to take on the chains of office at a special Mayor-Making ceremony at Halifax Town Hall next Wednesday, May 15.

The Mayor Elect is Councillor Dot Foster and the Deputy Mayor Elect is Councillor Angie Gallagher, whose Consorts Elect respectively will be Mick Foster and Jim Gallagher.

They will take over the roles from this year’s Mayor Marcus Thompson and his Deputy Mayor Chris Pillai, and their consorts Nicky Chance-Thompson and Beverley Pillai.

The ceremony forms the first part of Calderdale Council’s annual meeting.

The annual meeting also includes the election of a Leader and choosing of Deputy Leader of the council, Cabinet posts, scrutiny board chairs and other committee memberships.

The council’s representatives on bodies including West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority, West Yorkshire Combined Authority, West Yorkshire Joint Services Committee, West Yorkshire

Police and Crime Panel and West Yorkshire Pension Fund will be chosen and representatives on other outside bodies will also be appointed.