Tories outline pledges for Yorkshire region

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George Osborne has set out the Yorkshire priorities the Conservatives will seek to act on in the first hundred days of a Tory Government.

On a visit to the region the Chancellor promised to safeguard Yorkshire transport projects during the next spending review, protecting plans to expand the M62 to a four lane motorway between Leeds and Manchester and freezing rail fares, among other transport commitments.

Mr Osborne also promised to sign off plans to scrap old Pacer trains within the first 100 days of a new administration.

The Tories would also bring in legislation to force coasting schools to accept new leadership in Yorkshire and elsewhere.

Speaking at the Timothy Taylor brewery in Keighley, Mr Osborne said: “We are the only party that has a clear plan for Yorkshire and is able to hit the ground running to create a brighter future for people here.

“There couldn’t be a clearer choice, either people can vote for political instability and economic chaos, with a weak Ed Miliband controlled by the Scottish nationalists or people can chose David Cameron and the Conservatives, who will get straight back to implementing this timetable for a stronger Yorkshire. “