Trainee soldier from Halifax convicted of attempted murder

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A trainee soldier from Halifax is facing up to life in prison for the attempted murder of a fellow soldier who he told a court martial he was being bullied by.

Private James Farrell, 18, told a trial he plunged a knife into the bed of the “ringleader” of a group of fellow trainees who were bullying him at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire.

Prosecutors said the blow was aimed at Rifleman Curtis Horbury’s head and he had to roll out of the way.

Farrell said he had no intention of hitting him with the knife and just wanted to scare him to make him leave him alone.

He denied attempted murder but was convicted following a three-day trial at Colchester Garrison in Essex.

He will be sentenced next month, together with sentencing for ammunition offences which he admitted in separate proceedings.

In a court martial, the sentence is decided by the judge and the military board together.