VIDEO: Protests as Conservative manifesto is launched in Halifax

There have been protests this morning ahead of the Conservative manifesto launch in Halifax.

Protesters mobilised on social media and gathered at Halifax rail station before marching to Dean Clough, where it’s expected Theresa May will unveil her plans.

Pete Hoey, from Halifax, said: “I’m here today because I know about the impact this Government has had on social care.

“We’re talking about tens of millions being cut from local budgets and that affects thousands of people in terms of their care and support.”

Brigid Harbour, from the Hands off HRI group, said: “My major concern is the National Health Service. I was a National Health Service worker for most of my life and I have watched both new Labour and the Tory party systematically destroy the NHS, both from a patient and relative point of view and from a professional point of view. I know that if the Tory party get back into power, there will be no more NHS, we will have a privatised National Health Service.

“It’s taking us back not to the 1970s, it’s taking us back to the 1920s.”

Meanwhile, Halifax Labour candidate Holly Lynch has hit out at the party.

She said: “The Prime Minister as well as Conservative ministers and parliamentary candidates will be descending on Halifax this morning to set out the policies they want to enact.”

Ms Lynch claimed the Conservatives only take an interest in Halifax at general election time.

She said: “Where were the big names in the Conservative Party when we were trying to save our A and E or secure investment in our rail services? They washed their hands of the issues and argued they couldn’t step in to help.

“There was nothing strong or stable about cutting 1,200 Police Officers from West Yorkshire Police stretching our force like never before, or closing the courts in Halifax ending 140 years of justice provision in the town.

“I’ve always sought to work constructively with the Government to find solutions to the problems we’re dealing with in Halifax, but when they only show up at election time people see through their empty promises.”

People turned out at Dean Clough to catch a glimpse of Prime Minister Theresa May and other senior Conservatives. Chants of ‘Tories out, Corbyn in’ rang around as the event got underway and media heavyweights descended on The Arches.

Worker Rachel Holt said she thought Mrs May was “very good” for the country.

She said: “I think she’s really strong - it’s about time we had a strong Prime Minister.

“I think we’ve been really weak for some time and she’s the only one standing up for Brexit.”

One woman, who asked not be named, described the Prime Minister as a “good, steady hand for Britain”.

She said: “I’m a big fan, so I’m quite pleased to see her.”