What wards could make up the proposed political constituencies in Calderdale

Calder Valley MP Craig Whittaker and Halifax MP Holly Lynch
Calder Valley MP Craig Whittaker and Halifax MP Holly Lynch

The make up of wards that could form new parliamentary constituencies in Calderdale have been published.

The Boundary Commission for England has issued its last recommendations for a shake-up designed to ensure population sizes represented by the borough's are roughly equal – part of a national review ordered in 2011 that began in earnest two years ago.

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In Calderdale, the two constituencies will be made up of different wards from the current Calder Valley and Halifax constituencies.

This is what the Boundary Commission said in its findings for Calderdale and wards could make up the new constituencies.

"Our proposals in the Borough of Calderdale were generally not supported and there was a campaign against our proposals in the borough with a call to adopt a pattern of constituencies that more closely matched the existing pattern of constituencies. The inclusion of the City of Bradford ward of Royds in a Calder Valley constituency was opposed.

"In Calderdale, we accepted the strong support for the creation of the two constituencies of Lower Calder and Upper Calder.

"There had been opposition to the inclusion of the City of Bradford ward of Royds in a Calderdale constituency.

"Although it was not possible to create two constituencies in Calderdale that contained wholly District of Calderdale wards, rather than including the Royds ward in such a constituency we included the City of Bradford ward of Queensbury in a revised Lower Calder constituency as we accepted the evidence that the ward had links to the Shelf area, which was also included in the revised constituency.

"A number of representations suggested that the constituency names of Upper Calder and Lower Calder were not necessarily accurate descriptions, and also that the large town of Halifax, which had been a constituency since 1832, was no longer included in a constituency name

"We had noted the support for our revised Upper Calder and Lower Calder constituencies, but were persuaded by the evidence that the names of the constituencies were not appropriate.

"It had been submitted that it was important for a town the size of Halifax to be included in a constituency name and that Lower Calder was not a suitable name for the constituency, as the River Calder continued to run for many miles eastwards through the districts of Kirklees and Wakefield, and that the constituency also included areas of high ground.

"We have therefore amended the name of the Lower Calder constituency to South Calderdale and Queensbury, to acknowledge the local authority and the fact that the constituency includes a single ward from the City of Bradford.

"We also amended the name of the Upper Calder constituency to Halifax and North Calderdale, in order to include the town of Halifax in the constituency name.

Here are the wards in Halifax and North Calderdale constituency


Illingworth and Mixenden








Here are the wards in South Calderdale and Queensbury




Greetland and Stainland

Hipperholme and Lightcliffe

Northowram and Shelf



Sowerby Bridge