Why ‘2-vote’ Ginley was really ditched

Coun David Ginley
Coun David Ginley

IN a bid to win back his council seat, ex-Conservative councillor David Ginley allegedly asked someone to stand as a “Liberal” candidate.

This is understood to be the reason Mr Ginley was last week suspended from the Halifax Conservative Association and dropped as the party’s official candidate in Warley ward.

Mr Ginley, who once voted twice in a council election, was unavailable for comment.

But the man who claims he was approached with the election offer has spoken to the Courier, although he does not want to be named at this stage.

He said he received a letter from Mr Ginley “out of the blue” asking if he would like to stand in Warley ward as a paper candidate for the Liberal Party, which would undermine the election prospects of the Liberal Democrat Party candidate, who is James Baker.

“It sounded very fishy so I went along with it to find out what he was trying to do,” said the man.

“He gave me Liberal Party membership forms, £20 to cover the membership fee and said he would get 10 people in the ward to sign my nomination papers.”

The man said he never intended to stand and reported it to electoral registration officials and the Labour Party, nipping the plan in the bud.

Conservative Association chairman Roger Simpson said members would be investigating the alleged “unethical” practices Mr Ginley had been engaged in.