Your reaction: Five year wait for children's autism test in Calderdale

People are demanding action rather than apologies after it was revealed that children in Calderdale face a five year wait for an autism test.

Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 10:51 am
Updated Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 10:55 am
Rhona Radley, Senior Service Improvement Manager at NHS Calderdale CCG, (inset) and Stuart Smith

A new report revealed that school age children in Calderdale can wait up to FIVE years for an autism assessment, leaving parents and carers very worried about obtaining a timely diagnosis and access to support.

Read in full: School age kids face five year wait for autism tests in CalderdaleThe shock statistic was revealed in Calderdale Health and Wellbeing Board’s annual report for 2017-18 and led to calls for action from groups which support children who have the life-long condition, their families and carers.

Health bosses have apologised over services after it was revealed that families in Calderdale are waiting up to five years for autism assessments for their children.

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This is how you have reacted to the shocking waiting time and apology by health bosses

Jade O'Neill: "An apology isn’t enough for these families that don’t have the help and support they all so desperately need and deserve! It’s disgraceful, they should be ashamed of themselves!!!"

Rachel Trewartha: "Never mind an apology! Do something about it!"

Kate Auker: "I wonder if ‘all the other services that can offer support without delay’ detailed in this info pack will have capacity or be provided with immediate funding to meet the additional demand.

"Pushing families from one overstretched service to another is not an acceptable solution."

Alison Macdonald: "Even once you get diagnosed the services need a complete overhaul especially for the mental health for the young and adults on the spectrum.

"This also includes the so called Council services who until I hear otherwise officially are still rejecting to assess adults on the spectrum with no learning disability for any support.

"I wouldn’t mind knowing if calderdale are going to change their stance on this."

Danielle Afton Durrans: "An apology? Actions speak louder than words.

"Children and families are being failed and chiefs think they can apologise

"We have one of the worst waiting times in the whole of the UK and we aren't even a city. We are a small council and children are being FAILED I'm sorry but sorry doesn't cut it"

Sarah Smedley: "Absolutely disgusting how badly our children being failed."

Leah Webster: "Another empty apology! We want action not words. It's always the same you continue to let children and families down then think a little lip service in the Courier will appease those you're failing, well it won't. Parents have had enough, stop talking and start doing. It's about time front line services were made a priority!"