Porridge is the breakfast of choice in Halifax

Travelodge signage
Travelodge signage

People in Halifax kick start their day with porridge, reveals a new breakfast study out today by Travelodge, who have a hotel at Dean Clough.

The survey of 3,000 Britons was conducted to investigate the nation’s breakfast habits to support the launch of its new unlimited breakfast menu.

It shows that 85 per cent of locals believe that breakfast is their most important meal of the day. It also reveals a north-south divide when it comes to what we eat for breakfast.

The research shows that on average people in Halifax take just seven minutes and 15 seconds to eat their breakfast.

The average person in Halifax eats breakfast at 07.34am. The majority, 59 per cent, eat breakfast at home whilst 21 per cent eat their most important meal of the day at work and 12 per cent eat en-route to work.

When it comes to a drink, 54 per cent rely on a cup of coffee to help wake up them up in the morning ahead of tea (31 per cent) and fruit juice (10 per cent).