Pride in Elland: Don’t close our pool, pupils plead

Pupils from Brooksbank School, Elland, have their say on the future of the town
Pupils from Brooksbank School, Elland, have their say on the future of the town

We’ve been asking pupils at Brooksbank School in Elland what they like most about the town they go to school in.

This week, pupils in year 10 discuss what they consider to be the best and worst of the town, and the memories they have of growing up in the area.

Rosana Greenwood of Norton Tower said the swimming pool was very important to her.

“I learned to swim at the pool in Elland,” she said.

“I think it will be a shame if it closes.”

“If it did, more clubs and things to do would be nice.”

Alice Smith, who now lives in Halifax, agrees that closure is not the answer.

She said: “I used to live in Elland and I learned to swim at the pool too. I think they should keep it open and improve it rather than close it. I remember having birthday parties there with the big inflatables and the floats and they were great.

“We have other sports clubs in Elland and I like that about it, especially Elland RLFC,” she said.

Elland resident Xanvier Allison added: “I think they should improve the swimming pool – I go there now and I learned to swim there but I think more people would go if it was nicer.

“I like the gym too – I’m happy with that as it is, and aside from the pool I like the cinema because of how unique it is to Elland.”

Ashley Whiting of Elland said her sweet tooth meant Dobson’s was her favourite place.

“It’s been running for a long time and is historic to Elland – my mum used to go there when she was young,” Ashley said.

“I think the swimming pool needs a refurbishment too, then more people would go to it.”

But it’s not just the swimming pool which year 10 feel passionately about.

Joseph Whiteley of Elland said he was glad about the new supermarket.

“Hopefully the new Morrisons store will bring people into the town,” he said.

“Lots of people want it and I think it’ll be good for the local economy.”

He added that his favourite thing was the Rotary Club.

“I do a lot with the Youth Speaks group which has really built my confidence and it’s good that the Rotary Club does that.”

Lucy Pattinson from Greetland agreed with Joseph.

“I also take part in the Youth Speaks competition and I think it’s great fun and the people there are really nice.”

She added: “I would like to see a bowling alley and more things to do.”

Evie Andrews from Huddersfield said: “The sports facilities at Brooksbank School are fantastic, not just for the school or Elland, but for all of Calderdale.

“I think Elland needs more places for young people to go not just do to things, but also to make friends.”