Procession for the Prophet

Procession to celebrate Prophet Muhammed's birthday.
Procession to celebrate Prophet Muhammed's birthday.

Thousands of Muslims celebrated the birth of Prophet Muhammed in a procession around parts of Halifax.

Members of Halifax mosques: Rhodes Street Masjid, Central Jamia Madni Masjid, and Jamia Muhammadiyyah took part in the procession organised by the youth organisations and elder members of the three mosques.

Imam Abdus Samee of Madni Masjid said: “It was a beautiful and colourful celebration to commemorate the birth of the final Messenger of God, Prophet Muhammed.

“This year we experienced record breaking participants as people from all walks of life turned out on the streets to show their love and joy on this occasion and celebrate the true peace that Islam represents.

“We organised a highly successful and harmonious procession with minimal assistance from the authorities due to the efforts of our youth organisations.”

Organisers said they wish to thank police and Calderdale Council for their help in making the procession a success.

Celebrations of the birth of Prophet Muhammed are heightened during the Islamic month, Rabbi’-ul-Awwal, when the Prophet was born.