Proud to be a Mixy kid


People proud to be a ‘Mixy kid’ will get together to celebrate what’s great about growing up on the North Halifax estate.

On November 8 at 6pm at Holy Nativity Church, Mixenden, men and women who grew up in Mixenden and who are ‘proud to be a Mixy kid’ will meet in a social at the church where pie and peas will be served.

Reverend Robb Sutherland and local lady Sue O’Brien will be in attendance along with a host of Mixenden at heart individuals travelling from nearby, Newcastle and London to socialise with old and new faces.

Organiser Debbie Fitt initially set up a facebook page: ‘Im proud to be a Mixy kid’ when she moved to Norfolk.

She has sinced returned to the area but kept the group going after receiving so many comments and support - with almost 1,000 facebook members.

She said: “We hope to get the number of ‘friends’ to 1,000 before the night of the reunion.”

Contact Mrs Fitt 07932 800748 for more info.