Psychic with worldwide reputation comes to town

In almost every way, Sally Morgan is an ordinary woman. She’s a wife, mother and grandmother. But there is one big difference between Sally and most other working women; Sally claims to have an extraordinary gift – she believes she can speak to the dead. She is the nation’s most successful psychic and tours the world bringing her unique talents to tens of thousands of devoted fans.

People have been fascinated with the idea of an afterlife and seeking evidence of it for thousands of years. Many spiritualists say that March 31, 1848, marked the true birth of their movement when two young sisters, Kate and Margaret Fox from New York reported they had connected with the spirit of a murdered salesman in their house. They began demonstrating this phenomenon, making public appearances and eventually developed a travelling psychic show, which took them across Europe and America. By the 1850s the work of mediums and psychics was increasingly popular, but with such sensational demonstrations of psychic powers came sceptics asking for research into mediumship.

In the 20th Century a lady named Doris Stokes became an icon in the spiritual world. Like Sally, Doris had started seeing spirits and hearing disembodied voices since she was a little girl. Her public performances, television appearances and memoirs helped bring belief in the spirit-world to the masses. Many have said that what Doris did for the 20th Century, Sally has done for the 21st Century, revolutionising the perception of psychics and mediums. Sally’s down to earth, warm and vivacious personality has attracted a whole new audience to the spiritual world.

Her Sky LIVING TV series Psychic Sally: On The Road gave viewers a glimpse into Sally’s work, joining her on the road of her extensive tour. Every night her live shows take audiences on a rollercoaster ride of emotion. With tears one minute and laughter the next, Sally proves daily that a subject matter often regarded as morose, can actually be extremely joyous and uplifting.

While Sally is famous for using her gift and has benefitted from the fame it has given her, there has also been a dark side facing ridicule, bullying and even death threats. In 2013 a campaign to discredit her culminated in legal victory in which Sally cleared her name in a landmark legal victory. Associated Newspapers awarded £125,000 in damages; one of the most substantial libel payments in recent history.

In an often sceptical world, mediums and psychics continue to flourish. Sally has built up a solid reputation with celebrities, Royalty and members of the public alike due to her ability to pass on messages from spirit with astounding accuracy. Thousands of people flock to see Sally’s live interactive stage show each year.

Sally hopes that after witnessing mediumship in its rawest form, audiences will leave feeling closer to spirit and with a better understanding of the afterlife. It is not about a belief system; it is simply about trusting spirit and identifying the signs from our loved ones that are all around us.

lTo book tickets for Sally’s show at Victoria Theatre, Halifax, on May 13, phone the box office on 01422 351158 or visit