Pupils sent home due to sickness bug

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Staff and pupils at Lee Mount Primary School were sent home yesterday following the outbreak of a diarrhoea and vomiting bug.

Pupils were kept in classrooms all day, were kept away from the dinner hall and were given antibacterial gel throughout the day.

Calderdale Council’s Director of Public Health, Paul Butcher, said:“The Council’s Environmental Health team have visited the school, and have not identified any cause for concern. The school remains open and appropriate steps are being taken to minimise the spread of the illness, and all necessary infection control measures are being completed.

“Environmental Health will continue to monitor the situation, and are taking action to identify the cause of the outbreak.

“We advise everyone to wash their hands thoroughly using soap and water and drying them after using the toilet, before preparing food and eating. Alcohol gels should not be relied upon.

“Those affected should also stay away from school or work until 48 hours after symptoms have ceased where possible, and not visit friends and relatives who may be vulnerable to illness in hospitals or care homes.”