Pups make the right moves

It could have been canine carnage on the dance-floor - but the class of playful pups who strutted their stuff at a Brighouse studio had all the right moves.

A litter of guide dog puppies in training visited the party and dance studio in Upper Bonegate (no pun intended)for special classes to prepare them for their valuable work.

Because it has mirrors all round the room, the studio is an ideal location to get the puppies used to seeing their own reflections.

Jan Booth, of Laugh Love Parties, who is a guide dog puppy walker herself, offered the use of the premises as a new training venue.

Puppy trai ning supervisor Nicola Morgan said: “We have to put the puppies through all sorts of different scenarios during their initial training to get them used to many different situations. Mirrors can often be a distraction for a puppy and so the studio is ideal for them to get used to seeing their own reflection, and not reacting to it.”

Jan said: “Normally on Fridays the only dogs in the studio are the hot dogs we serve up to the youngsters who come to our discos! It seemed ideal that we should offer the studio as a way of getting the puupies used to mirrors. The only catering on offer was a bowl of water to keep them cool.”

Margaret Backhouse, media assistant for Guide Dogs for the Blind, said getting puppies used to different situations was an important part of their training.

“Recently we took some of our puppies to Leeds-Bradford airport to help them get accustomed to being in a busy, crowded place with all the noise and bustle.”