Put a lid on it! ‘Yes’ to bid to beat the smells

Smelly wagons clothes peg protest at Keelham Road Primary School, Denholme Gate
Smelly wagons clothes peg protest at Keelham Road Primary School, Denholme Gate
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PLANS for a covered trailer store to combat the smell from animal waste firm Omega Proteins’ rendering plant have been approved.

The Halifax-based company has been granted permission to build the single-storey shed over 868 square metres at Erling Works in Denholme.

It will allow 12 trailers to wait under cover until the offal they carry can be tipped and processed.

It is hoped the measure will reduce odours, which are made worse by the fact that lorries delivering the raw waste currently have to wait out in the open before it is off-loaded.

The plans follow a public inquiry last November, when the firm was allowed to double the number of lorries in and out of the site, over an extended time period.

A spokesman for the Leo Group, parent company of Omega Proteins, said: “This is the latest in a series of substantial investments planned at our facilities in Bradford and Calderdale.”

Nearby residents have welcomed the effort to reduce odours, but many are unhappy about the size of the store, which is to be built on green belt land.

They fear it will result in more noisy vehicle movements within the site at night as trailers are driven in and out of the shed.

Graham Fawthrop, of campaign group Smelly Wagons, said: “I am pleased they are having the building to reduce the smells, but disappointed it had to be so large, and the noise and the smell from the vehicle movements at night is of grave concern.”

l The Courier has been asked to point out that the site at Swales Moor is not an abattoir. It is a domestic and commercial non-hazardous waste recycling centre for timber, cardboard, paper, food waste and metal.

The site also has a meat and bonemeal store and supplies ingredients to the pet food industry.