Queensbury cycleway ‘is viable’

Coun Barry Collins
Coun Barry Collins

The campaign to open up the Queensbury Tunnel as the longest cycleway in Europe between Halifax and Bradford is a few steps closer to becoming a reality after engineers said the scheme is viable.

A report by sustainable transport campaign group Sustrans on the mile and a half long tunnel examined a number of issues including the cost of the project and concluded that the scheme was possible.

Coun Barry Collins (Lab, Illingworth and Mixenden), cabinet member for regeneration and economic development, said: “It’s a great scheme in its potential, but I suspect that the costs might be quite considerable.

“In outline terms we’ve expressed interest in it, so we’ll welcome seeing this feasibility study.”

Built in the 1880s, the Queensbury Tunnel provided a link between Queensbury and Bradford, but has been closed since the 1960s.

The tunnel is owned by the Highways Agency who drained the tunnel last year to allow for engineers to make a full inspection to see if the scheme could be done safely.