Queensbury will head to polls tomorrow for by-election

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THE PEOPLE of Queensbury will head to the polls tomorrow, to elect a new councillor

Former Conservative councillor Lisa Carmody resigned last month, after health ailments and a change in circumstances meant she would be moving from the Queensbury area.

She said: “It is therefore not possible for me to continue to represent Queensbury residents and I am resigning to allow local people to choose a replacement.”

Five candidates will run for the vacant seat, including fellow Conservative Andrew John Senior, who lives in Queensbury himself.

From the Labour Party, there is Mobeen Hussain who is also from Bradford.

Eithne Mary Dodwell from Queensbury will stand for the Green Party.

Mary Whitrick, from Great Horton, will represent the Liberal Democrats.

And former UKIP Bradford leader Jason Paul Smith will stand as an independent.

Polls will open from 7am to 10am tomorrow morning. The vote count will begin immediately after polling stations close and Bradford Council says they hope the count will be finalised by midnight, so a result is to be expected early Friday morning.

You can check the Bradford Council website for your nearest polling station.