Ramraid shopkeepers guard smashed store round clock

THE SHOP that was ramraided with a dumper truck is back up and running.

Owners and staff at the PNG Minimarket are staying in the shop 24 hours a day to protect their premises.

The Courier reported how the store, on Clough Lane, Mixenden, was left devastated after vandals stole the six-ton truck and smashed into it.

“At the moment it’s only got the wooden shop front which is pretty secure,” said joint owner Neetu Singh.

“We don’t want to take any chances so we are taking it in shifts and making sure to keep it protected 24 hours a day.

“I’ve been doing the midday to midnight shift. I don’t know what they do overnight to entertain themselves but the shop is always immaculate when I get in.”

Builders worked through wind and rain to secure the building and fit a temporary wooden shop front to the premises.

This meant that within just a few days they were trading again from the unit that, in the immediate aftermath, looked as though it could fall down any minute.

“We are so grateful to Haven Builders for the effort they put in,” said Mr Singh.

“It’s safe for people to come into the shop now. Our builders worked through the rain to get us back up and running.

“Hopefully within a week to ten days we’ll get the place up and fully open again.

“It’s going to cost £35,000 to do all the repairs .

“There’s the structural side of things including a new front wall but then there’s the internal stuff and all the tiling.”

The ramraid happened in the early hours of Wednesday August 10.

It was the second shop that Mr Singh and his business partners Govinder Chahal and Gurdeep Chahal have seen attacked in Mixenden.

However they are determined to carry on in the area and said they will not be put off by the actions of a minority.

“We still love Mixenden and we are not putting everybody in the same boat as the guy who did this to our shop,” said a defiant Mr Singh.

“On the night it happened there were a lot of people coming in for their gas an electric and we had to turn them away.

“For a lot of them we’re the only shop they can get too.

“We don’t want one person to have spoilt it for everyone else.”