Rapping Sowerby Bridge teacher is nation’s number one sausage lover

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A teacher from Calderdale penned a hilarious rap about his love for sausages to help crown ‘Britain’s Best Banger’.

Having searched the country far and wide, British Sausage Week found its senior sausage selector in James Wilson, from Sowerby Bridge.

He fought off tough competition for the role, with applications praising the humble sausage through the medium of poetry, to tales of childhood memories enjoying teatime sausages and working in the local butchers as a boy.

But James’ submission shone out for its sausage passion and originality - a rap about sausages:

Rapping my entry might be dropping a clanger, But sausage is my favourite so I had to write a banger.

I’m a 30 year sausage lover, man and boy, I prefer thick pork, not saveloy

Griddled, fried, grilled or casseroled, Not over seasoned so don’t pass the salt. Butchers best or farm shop is the tip top. But also like them battered from the chip shop

My hip hop shows I love bangers for shizzle, but if you want to sell a sausage then you better sell the sizzle

For James, sausages are one of his favourite foods. He lives and breathes them, opting to serve sausages and mash at his wedding and banishing the turkey in favour of sausages with all the trimmings on Christmas Day.

He said: “From a young age sausages have been my favourite food, it’s hard to beat a traditional, good quality, pork sausage.

“They’re great when you’re hungry or in a hurry, but they’re also incredibly versatile. I love that you can dress them up and eat them in a gourmet restaurant or down by serving with chips and beans, or simply enjoy a sausage sandwich as a treat.”

Inducting James into his new role as senior sausage selector was master butcher Keith Fisher, who has presided over the British Sausage Week competition for the last eighteen years.

As a veteran judge on the panel, his knowledge of sausages is unsurpassable. Not only has he eaten countless sausages during 18 years of the competition, but his taste buds are so valuable they have been insured for £1 million.

As a fourth generation butcher, Keith’s family is considered butcher royalty and his Great Grandfather was awarded his ‘slaughtering licence for the military’ by Queen Victoria herself.

Having poked, prodded and tasted his way through numerous sausages, James added: “I feel like I’ve learned a lot about how sausages are made, the great quality pork which goes into them and what makes one superior to another.

“It’s unbelievable just how many sausages are entered and there are to test.”

James joins the British Sausage Week hall of fame alongside previous judges and famous sausage fans including Michel Roux Jr, Al Murray The Pub Landlord, Noddy Holder and Craig Revel Horwood.

British Sausage Week 2016 sizzles into action on Monday, October 31.

Organised by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, the week celebrates the taste, quality and diversity of pork sausages available today from local butchers, producers and retailers across the country through the nationwide competition.

This year British Sausage Week is encouraging people to ‘celebrate the sausage’ with their bangers and create some delicious recipes using quality British sausages. With more than 500 varieties to choose from, sausages are made from fresh, quality pork and packed with flavour. They are a quick, easy and tasty option for a mid-week meal and can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.