Ravine crash man still in hospital

ravine rescue near baitings - yasir ifrahim
ravine rescue near baitings - yasir ifrahim
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A 33-year-old father is fighting for his life in hospital after his car crashed down a ravine near Baitings Reservoir, Ripponden.

Yasir Ifrahim, of Shroggs Vue Terrace, Halifax, suffered severe head and back injuries and a broken leg on Monday.

His wife, Nabeela Yasir, was last night maintaining a vigil at his bedside in the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary where he remained unconscious.

“It’s a worrying time. I just want my husband home.”

She said police told her strong winds forced Mr Ifrahim to lose control of his Vauxhall Corsa.

He was trapped in the vehicle for around six hours before being rescued. Mr Ifrahim, has a daughter aged six, and a son, four. He works at McVities, Halifax. The Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team assisted fire crews and paramedics in the rescue and he was carried 50 metres up a steep hillside to an ambulance.

Earlier reports stating Mr Ifrahim had been released from hospital were incorrect. And the Courier would like to clarify an 11-year-old Queensbury boy injured during the gales was not a paperboy. He was with his older brother, who was on his round.