Re-offending rates are dropping in Calderdale

Reoffending down: Gini Whitehead
Reoffending down: Gini Whitehead

RE-OFFENDING rates in Calderdale have dropped by 14 per cent, according to Gini Whitehead, head of probation in Calderdale.

Ministry of Justice figures for adult reoffending in 2011 show rates fell by 6.28 per cent in West Yorkshire, compared to 0.7 per cent overall in England and Wales.

The 14 per cent figure is derived from predicted rates based on 2007/08 figures.

Mrs Whitehead said significantly fewer offences were committed in 2011 as a result of the work of West Yorkshire Probation Trust.

“Our aim is to both hold offenders to account for the crime they committed, but also to work with them to ensure that they don’t offend again,” she said.

“Our new intensive community orders (ICO), introduced in 2011, provide a robust and effective alternative to short prison sentences and are part of the reason we are continuing to reduce reoffending across the district.“

During 2011, a key part of probation work in Calderdale inolved working with agencies including health, housing, police and the local authority to address the causes of crime.