Reactiv end their interest in Shay

The Shay Stadium, Halifax
The Shay Stadium, Halifax

The Reactiv group have announced they are no longer interested in buying the Shay stadium.

The Elland-based firm have issued a statement on their website in response to questions asked by members of the community of Calderdale in regards to their bid for the stadium last year.

It says: “The offers that Reactiv Media Limited placed with the Council for the proposed purchase of The Shay stadium all reflected the value of the stadium plus future investments that were going to be made.

“As a major investor in Calderdale community projects and Halifax RLFC, it was our intention to secure the long term future of both professional sporting clubs through reducing rent and setting realistic targets in terms of income and expenditure relating to staff and payroll.

“It is no secret that both clubs struggle with financial problems and instead of driving the two clubs further apart, we felt that something needed to be done to bring the two closer together for the long term benefit of sport in Halifax and Calderdale.

“Following the offers that were made for the purchase of the stadium, it is our wish to let the public know that due to the objections by the people in the community, we no longer wish to purchase the stadium and wish the council every best wish in bringing the site up to a better standard.”