Relief as plastic sheeting is removed

The view with scaffolding from Albion Court, Halifax.
The view with scaffolding from Albion Court, Halifax.

Relieved residents in two Halifax tower blocks have welcomed the removal of plastic sheeting to the outside of their homes.

People living in flats at Albion Court and St James Court have been unhappy at the noise and dust from the improvement work to both buildings, which started in February.

But the plastic sheeting which was placed around both blocks to reduce the amount of dust and debris falling onto the streets is now in the process of being taken down.

Alfred Cummings, 61, who lives near the top of Albion Court, said: “I’d only moved in two days earlier when the scaffolding went up, so it’ll be great to get the flat back to how it’s supposed to be.

“It’ll be a relief when it’s all gone. It’s been terrible, dark and miserable.

“I had to have the volume on my TV twice as high just to drown out the noise.

“You couldn’t open the windows because the dust would get blown in.

“I had to out when they were drilling because it vibrated through the whole house.”

Ronald Cameron, 76, who has lived in St James for 15 years, said: “It’s been very bad for my asthma. I haven’t been able to open my window for fresh air.

“I’ve put in for a move to get away. It’s so depressing - you feel as though you’re in a cell.

“It’s really affected my health and I’ve had to go to the doctors. They’ve given me steroids and antibiotics.

“You can’t sleep at night because of the sheeting wafting around and making a noise.”

Joan Robertshaw, 77, from Albion Court, said: “Some of the flats are really dark and cold.

“It’s awful for some of the residents who can’t get out of their homes.

“The only sunshine I get is when I pick my grand-daughter up from school so it’ll be great when it comes down.”