Residents speak of their shock at fatal car crash on Rochdale Road

RTC scene, Rochdale Road, between Sowerby Bridge and Triangle.
RTC scene, Rochdale Road, between Sowerby Bridge and Triangle.

Residents on Rochdale Road in Triangle have spoken of their shock after a fatal car crash yesterday (Saturday).

One person died and six were injured after a crash involving two cars.

The incident happened near the turn-off for Parkfield Drive in Triangle and involved two cars, one carrying five people and another carrying two people, and a third parked car which was empty.

Residents said the incident happened at around 8pm on Saturday evening and the road was closed until around 2am.

One resident who didn’t want to be named said: “All I heard was the loud bang when I was watching TV.

“I looked out and saw two cars straddled across the road.

“Within a short time there was ambulances, fire engines and police.

“Traffic was stopped and then they put tape across.

“But there have been no street lights on here for about eight weeks.

“People round here have rung about the lights. First they said it would be three weeks before they could get to them because they were taking Christmas lights down in Sowerby Bridge.

“Well, what’s more important? I’d say the A58.

“It’s a hazardous road and they go like hell down here. They don’t stick to any speed limit.

“It needs some lights and the speed limit lowered.

“Accidents do occasionally happen here but not a death.”

Another resident who didn’t want to be identified said: “The lights go two off, one on, two off all the way up the road. I think that might have had something to do with it.

“It was a fair bang when it happened.”

Another resident said: “I just feel so sorry for the family.”

Residents said vehicles were often driven at 70 or 80mph along the 40mph stretch of road.

The road was described as “a speedway track at night” by one resident.

One resident said they had their car scratched and their wing mirror clipped by passing vehicles.

Residents said traffic islands had been installed on the road but that they were of no use as cars often drove round them on the other side of the road when overtaking.