Review: Laughs aplenty as Rhod Gilbert brings his rants to Halifax

Rhod Gilbert
Rhod Gilbert

Rhod Gilbert begins his show at The Victoria Theatre in Halifax by promising the audience he has mellowed.

He has been though anger management, he tells us, and now knows that getting wound up by the small things is pointless.

But the rants he shares about the pure rage he has experienced at the likes of not able to open a pre-packed sandwich show it is hilarious when he does.

The show is entitled The Man With the Flaming Battenberg Tattoo - after he decided to be branded with the cake “to show how pointless tattoos are”.

He has been selling out shows across the country and attracted a packed audience to The Victoria.

And even after more than six months on tour, he is still energetic and enthusiastic to share his stories of utter indignation.

Rhod says he used to be quite the contrary fellow - and that we will all know someone just like him. The kind of friend who will always be up for an argument, no matter the subject, and will argue black is white until the cows come home.

The extent of his annoyance has seen him writing some fantastic letters of complaint full of nitpicking and including some audacious claims about how using the wrong kind of shower gel ruined his wedding night.

His tale of the “travelling chef” and his struggle to buy an egg and cress sandwich filled the theatre with real belly laughs, while there were some nods of recognition from some in the audience at his tales of woe from dealing with various tradesmen.

Even some slightly odd contributions from the audience did not deter the comedian from ensuring we all had a funny night out.