Revolt over council’s controversial parking plans

Bramsche Square car park, Todmorden
Bramsche Square car park, Todmorden

A special meeting has been arranged which threatens to de-rail controversial plans for a huge parking shake-up.

Calderdale Council ‘s Lab/Lib-Dem coalition has approved the scheme in principle, which together with higher charges could raise nearly £1 million.

But Conservative members of the economy and environment panel have “called in” the proposal for further scrutiny.

Councillor Richard Marshall (Con, Ludd Foot) said the panel needed to carefully study the various options and consider the impact any changes might have on the local economy.

“In the current economic climate we must encourage motorists to come into towns and support local businesses,” he said.

Motorists won’t be able to formally comment until the details are are published in a series of Traffic Regulation Orders.

The council’s economy and environment spokesman Coun Barry Collins said without changes to parking, the council would be forced to reduce other council services.

Councillors have already agreed to put up parking fees in 2014 by about 10p an hour to raise about £245,000.

Another £660,000 will come from a variety of measures which include extending the period for parking charges in Halifax from 6pm until 8pm, introducing charges on streets around the Calderdale Royal Hospital and on another 14 council-run car parks.

About 4,200 residents are expected to be charged £25 a year for permits to park outside their homes and limited free parking on Saturdays in Halifax could be replaced with a £1 charge.

The panel meets on Monday.