Richard leaves to the sound of jazz music

Phoenix New Orleans Jazz Band play at the funeral of Richard Maude
Phoenix New Orleans Jazz Band play at the funeral of Richard Maude

A JAZZ band played to mark the passing of 95-year-old Richard Maude.

His son, Howard, said the music was from his father’s era and in his younger days he followed popular bands.

Howard himself, plays with the Phoenix New Orleans Jazz Band, and his colleagues played as the cortege left Park Wood Crematorium, Elland.

The band is often seen leading local gala processions and as a mark of respect wore black caps instead of white.

Richard (Dick), of Watkinson Road, Halifax, was born in the town.

He joined the RAF in 1939 and served seven years as a Flt Sgt Armourer involved in training at bases around the UK.

Among those he taught were film star Clark Gable and Elliot Roosevelt, son of former U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt.

After the second world war he joined the Post Office until he retired aged 60.

Initially, he was based in Essex, where he met his late wife, Amy, who died in 2000.

He sought a transfer to Halifax where he spent the majority of his career with the Post Office.

Richard was also a amateur radio enthusiast which was a hobby he shared with his only son.

He also used to enjoy gardening, dancing and whist.

He lived at home with his son until being taken ill recently and he was a keen contributor to the letters columns of the Courier.

“Dad was a lovely old gentleman who had time for everybody and everybody loved him,” said Howard, 67.

He said the band occasionally played at funerals with sombre music at the start and upbeat sounds as mourners file-out.

Not everybody appreciated such send-offs and consequently Howard said he booked a late 3.45 pm slot at the crematorium to avoid clashing with another funeral.