Richard transforms his life by discovering running

Andrew Bryant, Colin Gaze, Michelle Foster, Guy Parry, Richard Douglas
Andrew Bryant, Colin Gaze, Michelle Foster, Guy Parry, Richard Douglas

After battling with alcoholism, a man has managed to turn his life around thanks to the Basement Project and rediscovering running.

Richard Douglas, 43, was helped by one of the project’s services after suffering from an alcohol addiction.

Now working for the Basement Project, based in Halifax and Kirklees, Richard is lacing up his trainers and heading to Salford Quays on November 16 to take part in the Run in the Dark.

Richard, who works in the detox house at The Basement Project, said: “I always used to be sporty, but when I started struggling with alcohol I stopped doing all of the sports I played and my health and fitness suffered a great deal.

“Once I put the drink down and started learning about my condition through The Basement, I was made aware of how important exercise and fitness is, and how participating in sport and other team activities can aid my fitness and help me communicate and form relationships with people.

“I’ve even done a number of events such as Tough Mudder and Three Peaks, and I’m now looking forward to Run in the Dark Manchester after my boss, who is always on the lookout for events like it, found out about it.”

Run in the Dark is a unique night time event which starts at 8pm and gives runners the opportunity to run either 5k or 10k.

The event is in association with the Mark Pollock Trust. For more information, visit