Road safety campaigners in Boothtown say 20mph speed limits not enough

Road safety campaigner Mark Luders at the junction of Claremount Road and Boothtown Road, Boothtown.
Road safety campaigner Mark Luders at the junction of Claremount Road and Boothtown Road, Boothtown.

A group campaigning top prevent road deaths in part of Halifax say proposed speed restrictions are not enough.

Calderdale Council is planning 20mph speed limits on a raft of roads around Boothtown.

It says Boothtown Road has not been included as “this is a major road into and out of Halifax”.

But Mark Luders, of Boothtown and Claremount Road Safety Group, said: “After nearly seven years of campaigning for road safety it is so frustrating the council still will not take my campaign or myself seriously.

“Over the years my campaign has seen small changes and traffic calming measures implemented, however Boothtown Road has always been the priority for speed cameras. The same excuses always come back in regards to statistics, budgets etc. As I have asked them on several occasions, can they actually put a price on someone’s life?

“20mph zones have eventually been passed after a road protest back in 2008 but after fouryears and various meeting the council signs for permission have only just gone up! I will not quit this and the council know I am serious and my aim is to have speed cameras up by end of the year.”

MP for Halifax Linda Riordan has also blasted the council’s plans for not stretching far enough.
“It is welcome news about the 20mph zones, but more needs to be done. The fact that Boothtown Road is a major road should be a reason for action, not inaction. There have been far too many incidents for the council to simply ignore this stretch of road. Even if they can’t deliver a 20mph zone, they should look at other ways to make Boothtown road safer for residents and motorists. This should be a can do, not can’t do issue,” she said.

The road safety group is holding a fund raising day at Honey Potts Nursery in Boothtown from noon on Saturday.

All money raised will go towards organising a Boothtown and Claremount road safety awareness day planned for this summer which the group hope will include the closure of Boothtown Road and Claremount Road, a march and a fun activities.

Anyone interested in joining the group or supporting the day should email