Road safety fear for proposed Lidl store

Possible new supermarket at site of Clifton Bridge Works, Brighouse
Possible new supermarket at site of Clifton Bridge Works, Brighouse

Community groups have hit out on plans for a new supermarket on a busy Brighouse junction.

Lidl are proposing a new outlet new outlet on Wakefield Road, between Wood Street and Grove Street, approximately 125 metres from Brighouse town centre.

However, road safety concerns have been raised about its location with groups saying that it will increase traffic problems for the town.

Peter Davies, secretary for the Brighouse Road Safety Committee said busy throughout the day and concern is expressed with regard to the sight line and the access to and from the site of the proposed development.

“The demolition of the Robin Hood Public House will not improve the access to and from the site and there is a great risk of road traffic accidents occurring because of the sheer volume of traffic. The access point is too close to the junction with Wakefield Road and Clifton Common,” he said.

Lesley Adams, chair of the Brighouse Business Initiative has also commented disagreeing with the developers analysis saying that food retail developments do not generate significant amounts of new traffic on the network as a whole’.

“Anyone who regularly travels through Brighouse will have noted the significant impact of the arrival of the Tesco supermarket and the resulting roundabout which still causes a significant impact due to the number of accidents in this area - which was conveniently ignored in the Transport Assessment.

“The new road layout at the Sainsburys supermarket has not been factored in to traffic flow, this had created a significant impact, especially at peak times.

“It now takes in excess of 20 minutes travel from Junction 25, M62 to Brighouse town centre, an increase in over five minutes on a journey of a mile.”

The application includes the demolition of existing buildings on the site, which will be replaced by a new 2,470 square metre store with 104 parking spaces.