Roads around Salterhebble Hill will be closed for resurfacing

Salterhebble Hill in Halifax
Salterhebble Hill in Halifax

The next phase of road resurfacing work will begin today including the upgrade on Salterhebble Hill.

Work on Salterhebble Hill will be completed early next year
The phased works will be carried out overnight, between 7pm and 6am, and all excessively noisy operations will be completed by 11.30pm to minimise any disturbance during the night.

Salterhebble roadworks misery will continue for another six months
All road closures, diversion routes and traffic management will be clearly marked, and signs notifying people of closures will be in place two weeks before the closure.

Here are the key dates and closures

October 8-10

Dryclough Lane will be closed for vehicles with a diversion route available via Huddersfield Road, Free School Lane and Skircoat Green Road. No parking will be available on Dryclough Lane during these times.

October 10 -15

Huddersfield Road will be closed from Dudwell Lane to Dryclough Lane. The junctions between A629 and Haigh Lane, Westbourne Terrace, Westbourne Grove and Crossley Hill will be closed and access will not be available for residents during the closure period.

October 16-19

The works will be carried out in two halves under traffic lights between 7pm and 6am. During these times the junctions between the A629 and Doncaster Street, Bristol Street, Exeter Street, Falcon Street, Chapel Lane and Dudwell Lane will be closed.


In the coming months, the focus will be on work around the hospital and completion of Dryclough Lane junction remodelling – linking the traffic signals to improve co-ordination and reduce travel delays. Work has also begun on the ‘vertical garden’ on the hillside retaining wall at Salterhebble.

The final phase of work, at the bottom of Salterhebble Hill, will include demolition to allow further highway widening under the A629 Calder and Hebble project.