Roads police highlight the fatal four causes of accidents

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A Police operation aimed at highlighting the four main causes of death or serious injury in road traffic collisions begins today.

Operation Orewood aims to educate people in West Yorkshire to reduce the number of fatal and serious accidents.

The four main contributory factors are:

Excess speed

Drink/drug driving

Failing to wear a seatbelt

Distractions e.g. mobile phone use

The campaign will run to Thursday, November 29, and will cover the whole West Yorkshire region with officers from the three roads policing unit hubs involved.

Chief Inspector Mark Bownass said: “It is vital that drivers understand that by doing just one of the four factors they are significantly increasing their chances of being involved in a serious road traffic collision.

“I don’t have to drive far before I see one of these in action but it is not acceptable.

“Each week we will tackle a specific factor although our officers will obviously be on the look out for anyone committing a traffic offence.

“We have decided to go public with this operation rather than run it undercover because I would much rather we educated drivers and encouraged them to change their driving style now rather than have to send officers to a fatal road traffic collision caused by one of the fatal four.”