Roadworks cause misery for business in the run up to Christmas

Anthea Orchard and Linda Bull
Anthea Orchard and Linda Bull

A Halifax business owner fears ongoing roadworks outside her shop are having a negative impact on trade in the all-important run up to Christmas.

Anthea Orchard, who owns Cardelium at Ovenden Road has hit out at the actions of Northern Gas. The works began in October and are due to run into the New Year.

Mrs Orchard says businesses were given ten days notice of the work, which she believes wasn’t enough to question what was happening. She says Northern Gas told her they were unable to give longer notice of the works.

She also believes the full brunt of the work should have been halted until January and they are now having a negative impact on trade.

She said: “We are 37 per cent down this month, based on where we said we should have been versus where we are.

“That’s a huge amount of money - we are only a small business. We do have regular, lovely customers, but people are avoiding the area.”

While there is a compensation scheme in place, Mrs Orchard says the business can’t satisfy much of the criteria. Northern Gas Network (NGN) said its Customer Care team is visiting the site each week to speak to business owners and answer questions.

Paul Jagger, construction services area manager for NGN, said: “We understand that nobody likes roadworks and would like to apologise for any inconvenience.”

He thanked customers and business owners for their patience and said work would be temporarily suspended the week before Christmas.