RSPCA rescue dog found collapsed on street

The dog found in Halifax this morning
The dog found in Halifax this morning

This tan lurcher is believed to have collapsed through dehydration when it was found at Brighton Street, Lee Mount, Halifax, this morning.(Mon)

Inspector Charlotte Booker said it was seen collapsed initially at 5.45 am by a woman who thought the dog was dead, but when she saw movement at 8 am she contacted the RSPCA.

The dog was in her front yard under some bushes.

“When I arrived the dog couldn’t lift its head and was like stone to touch, absolutely freezing, shaking and totally unresponsive,” said Insp Booker.

“I took the dog to the vets where it was put on a drip, pain relief, and wrapped up to try and get warm.

“It is thought the dog has been very Ill and had collapsed through dehydration.“

When the vet took the dog’s temperature there was no reading on the thermometer as it was that cold.

“The dog is currently in a very bad way at our RSPCA hospital in Manchester,” said Insp Booker.

“It is not known whether it will survive or not and the dog started having convulsions this morning as it was that dehydrated.”

Inspector Booker is now appealing for the owner to get in touch and wants to find out how the dog came to be in such a poor condition.

Anyone with information can contact 0300 1234 999 anonymously and ask for Insp Booker.