Rui’s ongoing window misery

Rui Carduso at his home in Hambleton Drive, Mixenden.
Rui Carduso at his home in Hambleton Drive, Mixenden.

A man has been left depressed, embarrassed and insecure eight months after an alcoholic threatened to kill him and smashed up his home.

Rui Carduso’s Hambleton Drive address in Mixenden remains boarded up following the ordeal, which ended up in Crown Court.

Despite the fact that Rui, 41, was the victim in the case, because his ex-neighbour - defendant Samson Gray - receives benefits it meant he was not entitled to any compensation.

Rui who moved to Halifax from Portugal and used to be a bus driver says he can’t afford to repair the £3,800 damage due to now being unemployed, after his windows were smashed last Halloween.

“I have been looking everywhere to see if I can get help,” he said.

“The winter was very hard because it was cold and I can’t afford heaters to heat the house.

“I feel depressed because I can’t look outside. Upstairs is the same. I don’t feel secure because it’s easier to remove that wood and I feel embarrassed because of the way that everybody sees the house.”

The man responsible for the damage - who Bradford Crown Court was told had excessive alcohol problems - was sentenced to a suspended prison sentence as well as 120 hours unpaid work for the community. It is also an offence for him to contact Rui due to a restraining order being in place.

Rui is now looking for an answer after coming to a dead end. He said: “There’s absolutely no way of getting help.”