Salt Codfather? Raging Bully Beef? This is what Robert De Niro ate on his visit to Halifax..

Chefs at Ricci's Place prepare food for Hollywood superstar Robert De Niro.
Chefs at Ricci's Place prepare food for Hollywood superstar Robert De Niro.

Hollywood megastar Robert De Niro visited Halifax restaurant Ricci's Place last night. And it's caused quite a stir.

The Raging Bull and Godfather icon is well-known for his love of great food and great wine, and his movies are no different, be it when ordering 'black coffee, apple pie and a slice of melted yellow cheese' in 1976's Taxi Driver, or slicing garlic 'razor-thin' in prison in 1990's Goodfellas.

So what does a global icon eat on a visit to Calderdale? We spoke to Ricci's Place owner Michael Ricci, who designed a specially-prepared menu inspired by De Niro's life and times.

On arrival
A 2012 Perle, Ferrari.

A banquet of Italian charcuterie, artisan cheeses, seafood, bruschetta, olives and pasta. Accompanied by a 2017 Pinot Blance IGT, Vinnatoli Jermann.

Fillet of dry-aged beef with braised short rib, hand-dived queen scallop, roasted piccolo parsnips, spiced red wine sauce and a pomme puree. Accompanied with a 2014 Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge.

Trio of New York baked cheesecake with panna ice cream, classic Amalfi lemon tart with raspberries and chocolate cylinder filled with deconstructed tiramisu. Washed down with a Yuzushu Ginjo Sake, Akoshi-Tai or a 2015 I Capitalli IGT, Anselmi.

It all sounds delicious. But what could he have had? We took a light-hearted look at some of the alternative dishes Ricci's Place could have offered, inspired by his best-known movies.

Salt Codfather

The Good Shepherd's Pie
Raging Bully Beef with Jake La Mozarella

Midnight Rum and Raisin
Jackie Brownies
Crepe Fear

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