School threatens to ban skirts for girls

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GIRLS could be banned from wearing skirts unless a small number of pupils stop breaching a school’s uniform policy.

The crackdown at Hipperholme and Lightcliffe High School aims to stop girls wearing short, tight skirts.

After consultation backed by a large majority of parents, the current uniform policy allows skirts just above the knee.

From this month, skirts that don’t conform will not be tolerated and students might be sent home to change or be placed in isolation.

Several letters have been sent to parents outlining the school’s determination to tackle the issue.

“Unless we see a clear improvement, our school uniform policy will only allow trousers,” according to one letter.

One parent told the Courier to threaten all girls with a “trouser only” policy was wrong.

“It’s just not right. Many girls prefer skirts to trousers and would be happy to wear them at a longer length,” she said.

“The reason many don’t is peer pressure and it’s the school’s job to sort that out.

“If they actually enforced their length rule – by requiring a few individuals to wear trousers if necessary – they’d be doing everyone a favour.

“Giving up and punishing the girls that follow the rules is just pathetic.”

Head teacher Anthony Smith said parents had been consulted and balloted on the uniform policy.

They favoured skirts of reasonable length, trousers for boys, black footwear, school jumper with logo, white shirt and ties with house colours.

“But there are some girls wearing skirts too short and too tight,” said Mr Smith.

“We don’t want to be a school that bans skirts but we want girls to wear skirts appropriately from January.”

Mr Smith said he sympathised with the parent’s argument.

“We would not make a decision based on a minority and have not made a decision to ban skirts from September – we have the opportunity for discussions and hope girls will wear skirts appropriately.

“We want the uniform as parents agreed and voted for, which sets the climate for learning so students are able to reflect pride in their school.”

Chairwoman of governors Holly Bottomley said discussions were ongoing.

“I have not been happy with the uniform for quite some time. Some skirts are too short,” she said.