Scores of firefighters called to house fire in Halifax this afternoon

Firefighters at St Augustine's Terrace
Firefighters at St Augustine's Terrace

TWENTY-FIVE firefighters were called to a house fire in Halifax this afternoon where crews were told there could be children inside.

When crews from Halifax arrived at the house on St Augustine’s Terrace, off Hanson Lane in Halifax, at 3.20pm, smoke was coming out of the roof and people living nearby had already left their homes.

The teams were initially told there were children inside but they later found out there was no one home.

Watch commander Andy Wooler said they were concerned the fire could spread to neighbouring properties and other homes did start to get warmer but they managed to put the flames out before they could damage other houses.

At one point, it became too hot for the firefighters inside to deal with the blaze, and back-up had to be called in.

The teams - five in total - used a combined aerial rescue pump to get onto the roof to tackle the blaze, which was on the first floor and in the roof space.

The cause of the blaze is under investigation.

Neighbour Aziz Munawar said he rang for firefighters after his children saw the smoke coming from the house.

“It was a shock,” he said.