Screening programme to help raise awareness for heart disease

Heartbeat of Sport
Heartbeat of Sport

An Elland charity has launched a sports screening programme to help identify underlying heart conditions in athletes and those undertaking sporting activites.

HeartBeat of Sport held their first screening day at the end of November where Dr Jeremy Butts - the medical director - and a team contributed their time to raise awareness in the wider community.

The screening programme has been developed to identify heart disease among those undertaking sporting activities in the community and had the intention to reduce sudden cardiac arrest and death.

Dr Jeremy Butts said: “Many underlying heart problems can be identified through detailed history taking, examination and a heart tracing.

“Symptoms that we would look out for include exertional chest tighness and excessive shortness of breath.

“Exertional lightheadedness or loss of consciousness is particularly worrying.

“The screening process only takes around 15 minutes per person and can provide a high level of reassurance to those undertaking increased levels of sporting activity.”

The charity aims to identify such problems early on so that treatment options are available.

HeartBeat of Sport is also dedicating time to offer screening to members of sporting clubs and teams in Calderdale and is providing education to help people look out for the warning signs and symptoms.

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