Secret files reveal our UFO sightings

Alan Godfrey at the sight of a UFO sighting in 1994
Alan Godfrey at the sight of a UFO sighting in 1994

FOUR UFO sightings in Calderdale feature in the latest batch of secret files released today by the Ministry of Defence.

The new files – released to The National Archives under the Freedom of Information Act – cover 1985 to 2007 across the UK.

Buried in the paperwork is a sighting by three police officers in Halifax at 4.50am on November 21 1980.

The report is written by a Halifax chief superintendent to the MoD.

It describes how PCs Porter and Turnpenny at Ovenden police station and PC Baxter at Halifax police station saw a “very bright steel blue flashing light” high in the sky, moving left to right over Withins Moor towards Keighley.

It added: “Air-traffic control contacted. They have no record of aircraft in the area nor have they tracked anything at all.”

The papers also included references to the famous sighting by PC Alan Godfrey in Todmorden just eight days later on November 29, 1980. He was reported to have seen a diamond-shaped UFO hovering five feet about the ground in Burnley Road before disappearing.

It later emerged that PC Godfrey had suffered “missing time” and under hypnosis described being enveloped in an intense white light. He told of lying on a table surrounded by small figures with bulb-like heads.

He also found a scratch on his foot.

Other sightings mentioned in the papers out today include a report from September 4 2003 in Tordmorden of “six lights that spilt, at one point becoming eight lights, that were orange and red in colour.”

Another object was sighted in Queensbury on April 22 2004.

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