Secret to the perfect summer day revealed

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The perfect British Summer’s day involves temperatures of 23ºC, a barbecue, an ice cold soft drink and a trip to the beach with family, a new study has revealed.

The research by the Old Mill in Brighouse has revealed a survey carried out among 1,500 Brits also found it is likely to involve a dip in the sea and the smell of freshly cut grass.

One in five Brits cited sitting in a beer garden with an ice cold drink as a must on a summer’s day.

But despite the recent blast of warm weather the study, commissioned by the Chef and Brewer pub on Wakefield Road, found a third of Brits are only expecting to get the barbecue out once this year in total.

Fiona Beck, general manager at Old Mill, said: “The sights, sounds and scents of summer help to bring back happy childhood memories of trips to the seaside or picnics and ballgames in the park.

“It’s also great to see a trip to the beer garden was a top choice for many when the sun is shining - and it’s one we can definitely agree with.”

Other top summer pastimes include going for walks in the country (19 per cent) and catching up with friends and family (10 per cent). Unsurprisingly, sunbathing (eight per cent) also made the list as did unlikely activities for a summer’s day including shopping and staying in bed.

Food-wise the results show we all like to tuck into strawberries and cream (19 per cent), ice creams (17 per cent) and salads (18 per cent) when the weather is warm.