See it, snap it, send it - a winter sunrise

Winter sunrise over Calderdale.
Winter sunrise over Calderdale.

Today’s picture comes from Charles Round who got a picture this morning from Mount Skip in Hebden Bridge looking over Calderdale after last night’s wintry burst.

The weather will start dry and frosty at first with patchy rain spreading into western parts during the morning and then slowly edge eastwards across all parts by evening.

Rain will become heavier over the Pennines later. Feeling cold in freshening southerly winds. Maximum Temperature 5°C.

Into tonight it will remain cloudy through the night with outbreaks of rain at first, perhaps heavy locally and becoming drier after midnight, but patchy rain and hill fog is still likely over western hills. Minimum Temperature 4°C.

Saturday will see a mixture of showers and sunny spells before strong winds and heavy rain on Sunday with a chance of wintry showers into next week.

If you have any pictures from yesterday’s winter burst or if you out and about this weekend, don’t forget to send them into or via Twitter @HXCourier