Self-help journal is Luke's latest big project

Luke with a mountain of books.
Luke with a mountain of books.

Mental health campaigner and motivational speaker Luke Ambler will be able to add ‘writer’ to that list this weekend when he celebrates the official release of a new journal.

Luke, who runs a handful of businesses alongside his charity work, has written the book as a ‘self-help’ guide, with pointers on how to adjust your mental health and direct your own future.

Luke headed the #ITSOKAYTOTALK campaign.

Luke headed the #ITSOKAYTOTALK campaign.

The 28-year-old former Halifax RLFC star explained that the content is inspired by his own experiences, with his “What’s Next?” theory providing a key narrative throughout.

He said: “That question; ‘What’s Next?’, has been so important to me and my life.

“It got me through some very tough times. I found myself sat in a police cell feeling sorry for myself after I’d been involved in a fight.

“I’d been let go from my contract at Leeds Rhinos, my partner had finished with me and I started drinking excessively. I’d lost my dream job and my dream girl and I was 22. I felt angry and hopeless.

“So I started to make myself think ‘What’s Next?’ - what can I do to affect change and turn this situation around?”

Within months, Luke had turned his life around, rekindled with his partner and got his rugby career back on track. Luke then started a business talking about all of his life’s hardships and found his theory really helped people and worked for overcoming setbacks.

“Everything started from there. Thinking positively, acting more positively, making positive choices in my life. And I soon realised I wanted to help other people do that. I began telling my ‘What’s Next?’ story across the country and now I do it internationally.”

This same theory is how he began an active role in the formation of mental health support campaign #ITSOKAYTOTALK and Andy’s Man Club in the wake of the suicide of his brother-in-law, Andy Roberts.

Split into two distinct sections, ‘What’s Next?’ is the title of one side of the journal, ‘Bee You’ the other.

The former, Luke says, is a guide to encourage men to be themselves, be productive, be accountable and feel comfortable in themselves. The latter aims to provide the reader with an outlet, for those unable to unload or that feel uncomfortable sharing their feelings.

“It’s there to help people,” he said, “It’s there for people to pick up and use as they need or want to.”

The journal will be launched in the form of an informal drop-in session hosted by Luke at his Halifax town centre offices at Croft Myl, West Parade, HX1 2EQ.