Sensory pod is a hit with kids

The pod can hold up to eight children at one of its sessions
The pod can hold up to eight children at one of its sessions

An unusual pod is proving popular with children in Calderdale and has shown to benefit their developing skills.

Grow Big provides young children with unique sensory play experiences.

It has visited a number of children’s centres and nurseries in Calderdale since it launched in 2015, with children at St Augustine’s Centre in Halifax being some of the latest to enjoy the pod.

Children are able to explore “mini-worlds” including the seaside, woodland, winter and outer space in the sensory pod.

The project has been shown to greatly benefit children as a recent evaluation by Earlyarts found that it was successful in enabling children to demonstrate improvement in social, personal and emotional skills.

Rachel Stewart, Chairman of Grow Big, said: “Sensory play is vital for a child’s brain development and encourages learning.

“What’s great though is that parents can provide sensory play opportunities at home that cost next to nothing.

“Our sensory play postcards contain easy instructions for six simple low-cost activities for parents and children to enjoy together.”

Grow Big provides a range of materials from scented play dough and moon dust to ice shapes and glimmer sand. Sessions are led by the children wherever possible so they feel empowered and in control of their actions and decisions.

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