Seven Pinterest Tips To Help Enhance Your Business

Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media
Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media

With over 70 million users, Pinterest is fast becoming an interesting avenue for businesses to find new customers as well as retain existing ones.

Pinterest has lots of different uses from creating “moodboards” for inspiration or where you can keep scrapbooks or collections of visual items in one place.

Some businesses use Pinterest as a private message board sharing concepts and ideas for the coming season.

Most however create collections that are open for people to see and in turn “pin” copies on their own boards.

Unlike other social media networks, Pinterest users are overwhelmingly female with only 15 per cent of users being male. Here is one of your first opportunities.

Most businesses assume if they aren’t firmly in the selling to women that they should avoid Pinterest. However 15 per cent of 70 million is still 10 million men! You should also understand the buying decisions in the household.

In my previous role as head of Online Sales for JJB Sports we realised the majority of ladies that bought from us, were actually buying for their sons or “better” halves. So, don’t discount the power of influencing others in the family, even if they aren’t the end user of your product or service.

Here are some tips on getting started with Pinterest:

1) Make it easy for people to share the images from your website. Use website plug ins that allow people to instantly “pin” your images to their Pinterest boards. Wordpress users can use a plug in like Frizzly.

2) Only use high quality images. The better the image, the higher chance it will be shared and pinned.

3) Consider adding text to your images. Explain what the image relates to. For example if you have recipes to download, be sure to write a nice headline to ensure it stands out among the 1000’s of competing images

4) Create a great Board cover. Boards are where you keep your collections of relevant images (Like a filing cabinet folder). Often people looks for good collections of images rather than individual images. Therefore if you create a strong, professional looking cover you’ll get more people pinning your images.

5) Consider what the most popular search phrases are for your products. Then ensure that is how you label your images. If you are struggling to know what’s popular, Pinterest will start to auto-populate key phrases when you start typing in their search box.

6) Find very popular groups in your area or niche. You can use a tool like PinGroupie to find out what the most popular board are. If you have time (and the passion) consider becoming a contributor to that group. Your website views will rise significantly.

7) Create “How to” advertising images that link to downloadable reports. If you can offer great advice in an area, use Pinterest images to create an advert. In the description you’ll then be able to say “to download visit xyz website”

It takes a month or so to really see results, but it is worth the wait if your potential customers are Pinners!