Seventies music maestros 10cc are coming to Halifax


Their song I’m Not In Love has been played over five million times on US radio and their fans include the likes of Axl Rose from Guns N Roses, The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, and Huey Morgan from Fun Lovin’ Criminals.

Now 10cc are celebrating an impressive 40 years in the music business by getting on the road again.

The band, who have sold more than 15 million albums in the UK, are coming to the Victoria Theare in Halifax onThursday, October 25.

10cc were started in Strawberry Studios in Stockport.

Founding member Graham Gouldman said: “It’s hard to believe it’s 40 years since 10cc was born.

“I’m immensely proud of all we have achieved.

“As long as the fans want to hear the songs played live I’ll be happy to oblige.”

Their hits include 11 top 10 singles, such as I’m Not in Love which they released in 1975 , and was later covered by The Pretenders and Fun Lovin’ Criminals, and Dreadlock Holiday, which was released in 1978.

Others included Art For Art’s Sake in 1975 and Good Morning Judge in 1977 – which both reached number five, The Things We Do For Love in 1976 and I’m Mandy Fly Me in 1976 which both reached number six, and Life Is A Minestrone in 1975 which reached number seven.

Before forming 10cc, Graham wrote a string of million-selling hit songs for other artistes, including For Your Love for The Yardbirds, Look Through Any Window for The Hollies, and No Milk Today for Herman’s Hermits.

He said one of the highlights of his career so far has been performing at the Royal Albert Hall in London earlier this year.

He is also proud to have made his fourth solo album - Love and Work - which was released earlier this month.

The live line-up of 10cc, together now for 10 years, features Graham on vocals, bass and guitar, Rick Fenn on lead guitar and vocals, Paul Burgess on drums and vocals, Mick Wilson on percussion, guitar and vocals, and Mike Stevens on keyboards, guitar, sax and vocals.

Rick and Paul have both worked with 10cc since the mid-70s line-up.

Graham said: “The band, as it stands now is absolutely fantastic. And of course our main strength and what we’re selling is the songs, nothing else.

“This is as near as you’re ever going to get to hearing the perfect 10cc.

“Hit after hit after hit. It’s relentless. We show no mercy.”

He said fans who come to see them at the Victoria can expect “all the hits and more”.

“We do all the songs that are expected of us, and we want to do them,” he said.

“And we so some from the album and some surprises.”

He said touring these days is different from when the band started out, describing the atmosphere as “less frantic”.

He added: “The audiences these days are very gratifying.

“You get the people you would expect, who grew up with 10cc, but you also get young kids.

“Now whether they’ve discovered 10cc for themselves, via the internet or radio, or just grown up with their parents playing it in the house, I don’t know, but we get a great mix of people from the generations.”

Tickets for 10cc’s show at the Victoria are £28, £26 and £24.

To book, visit the theatre website on or call the box office on 01422 351158.