Severe weather sees Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team called to help nearly 100 people

Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team
Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team

Mountain rescue volunteers have been working day and night since Calderdale woke up to heavy drifiting snow o Saturday.

Members of Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team have put in over 600 hours since early Saturday morning to help those hit by the bad weather.

The team have delivered essential hospital staff to work from snowbound homes, rescued motorists trapped in drifts on moorland roads and recovered ambulances which got stuck attempting to reach patients on untreated roads.

They have also travelled to critically ill patients who the ambulance service were unable to access. In some of these cases, even the team’s 4x4 Land Rover ambulances, equipped with snow chains, were unable to reach the patients and team members continued to the casualties through the drifts on foot.

Two of these patients were subsequently evacuated by helicopter due to the serious nature of their illness, with senior team members calling for assistance from their colleagues at RAF Search and Rescue 202 Squadron at Leconfield, and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance from Thirsk.

Team leader Al Day said: “Team members have done an incredible job over the past few days, assisting close to 100 people and being instrumental in the saving of four lives.

“After a long and tiring day on Saturday, team members were called out in the early hours of Sunday morning to rescue a couple who had been trapped in their Land Rover in drifts on Cock Hill for 15 hours.

“Unable to reach them in 4x4 vehicles , the rescue party braved horrendous conditions and a windchill of -20 degrees for over four hours to locate and rescue the stranded couple.

“As the bad weather continues we have also been involved in resilience efforts. Yesterday team members sledged half a ton of essential medical gas cylinders to an address above Todmorden for a family whose child needs regular oxygen due to his respiratory condition.”