Shadow Minister for Public Health visits Halifax stroke club

Luciana Berger MP visits the Heath Stroke Club
Luciana Berger MP visits the Heath Stroke Club

The Shadow Minister for Public Health visited Halifax’s Heath Stroke Club this afternoon (Friday).

Luciana Berger, MP for Liverpool Wavertree, heard about the work the club does to enhance the quality of life for stroke survivors and adults with physical disabilities.

While there, she spoke to service users and outlined Labour’s plan for the NHS.

She said: “Since the coalition government was formed, they have brought in the Health and Social Care Act which has seen a £3bn spent on a top-down reorganisation.

“What the Labour Party has said is that we are going to repeal the Health and Social Care Act and we’re going to ensure we put patients before profit.

“But first and foremost we want to create a national health and social care service, which brings together not just physical health and mental health, which is so important, but also social care as well.

“We’ll bring the whole thing together so we’re treating the whole person and not just one symptom at a time.”

Ms Berger had spent some of the day canvassing with Holly Lynch, Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Halifax.

“I’ve been out on the doorstep in Halifax speaking to voters and hearing their concerns and it’s clear they don’t want another five years of Tory government,” Ms Berger said.

“They’ve seen the damage that has been imposed and people know they are not feeling the benefits of this, only just, economic recovery.

“The government say everything is rosy, when in fact there’s been an increase in the people on zero hours contracts and people aren’t feeling the recovery actually at their kitchen tables.

“It’s just the very few at the top that have benefitted from tax cuts, while everyone else is having to pay the price.

“It’s only Labour that’s got a better plan which will see everyone reap those rewards.”