Shay offer was first suggested by council

The Shay Stadium, Halifax
The Shay Stadium, Halifax
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Officers at Calderdale Council first offered the opportunity for private company Reactiv Media to buy the Shay Stadium.

Reactiv Media contacted Gary Byrnes, communities directorate, about the possible naming rights of the Shay and possible investment in the incomplete annex with the hope of using it as new offices.

From this initial enquiry a meeting was arranged between council officials Gary Crawley and Ian Gray and directors from Reactiv Media.

From this discussion, the idea was put forward by council officials for the company to bid for the whole stadium.

Adian Jewitt, finance director at Reactiv, said the company did not make an unsolicited offer for The Shay, as stated in a Courier article last week.

He explained that council officials invited Reactiv to make an offer and from there, considered this option and made a series of offers.

Reports released under the Freedom of Information Act requested by members of the public, showed details of this as an inquiry was conducted by the council into the handling of the affair.

A statement by Ian Gray included in the inquiry said in the meeting it was discussed about the possibility of a freehold purchase of the annex but Reactive presumed the council would only look at a leasehold.

Officers told Reactiv that the council would have to consider this and raised the option of maybe purchasing the entire freehold.